Xotic Career Opportunities

Advancement Opportunity


Take your graphic design career to the next level. Joining the Xotic Design team puts you on the fast track to a leadership position in the graphic design industry! 

Team Support


X.D.F is a team effort! Unlike freelancing you are part of a small family. All working together to provide a quality graphic design experience to Xotic clients! 

Home Office


Xotic's internet based structure provides you with a flexible schedule and allows you freedom to create your own creative atmosphere virtually anywhere you have internet access and a power supply!

Xotic Career Opportunity

Career Positions

Xotic Design Firm is growing. This means that career growth within our company is as well. 

Work From Home

X.D.F is an internet based company. This mean that 90% of our work is done online.

Team Support

A  core key of success for Xotic is our strong team support. Even working  from home you will have the support of the small but fierce X.D.F team

Personal Growth

Working  at Xotic will test you. You will meet new people from all across the  U.S.A & Canada. You will work with professionals such as authors,  event planners, dog trainers and more.

Exposure To Career Related Fields

Xotic Design Firm is growing! We are in the process of launching many new exciting departments within our company to further client's graphic design experience such as web design, social media management, motion graphics and more! 

Special Company Bonuses, Giveaways & Holiday Benefits

As an Xotic team member you will have access to special company bonuses, holiday gifts, birthday gifts and more! 

We are currently hiring for the following positions!

Xotic Graphic Designer II