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 Yes, the Xotic Design Firm cares about helping our society, giving back to our communities and leadership. We believe deeply that a major key to our success is our team's strong ability to push past pressing challenges and hardship. Our ability to have a mission that inspires us in such a great deal we are left with no option other than success. We also realize for many, especially during very dark and painful times seeing the light is almost impossible. We developed the XDF Cares program to do our part and to fulfill our responsibility to help those in need. How are we doing this? Through design of course!  

 Every nonprofit creator knows and understands that the key to a successful nonprofit is support. You must acquire support. People that believe in your cause, understand and believe in what you are fighting for. Donors are the investors of the nonprofit world. Even more important in many ways. Donors only want to see their resources go towards the betterment of others. Donors are humble individuals that provide the necessary resources to attack and fight back diseases, abuse, providing the sick with medicine, the homeless with shelter and the lost with a sense of direction and the list goes on.   As a nonprofit creator you understand how important these individuals are. XDF would like to help you thank them for their support. XDF will design an authentic Donation Appreciation Certificate for your non profit. After a donation is received you can thank your donors with a gift that will remind them of their humbled actions and importance. 


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